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Sustainable adventure travel

Landscapes on the Run focuses on environmentally and socially responsible travel for active lifestyle travelers: businesses, destinations, and methods of travel that are attempting to create a net positive impact on the environment and communities around them.

5 Months of Travel in 3 Minutes: One-Second Daily Videos

It's difficult to sum-up travel experiences when you return home. The best and occasionally the worst question: "How was your trip?" requires you to...
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Living and Learning Mapuche Culture in Curarrehue, Chile

William was driving about 50 miles an hour along a windy valley road towards one of the elementary schools in Curarrehue (kuɾaˈrewe), Chile, and...
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What’s Your Best Travel Camera? 6 Tips

Of all of the questions I’ve gotten about travel, “JKev, I’m going to blahblah place, and I want to take good photos, what camera should I choose?”...
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6 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Photo Hike (or Run)

If you want to get those eye-watering, amazing landscape photos - perspectives that you don’t see anywhere else - you usually have to work for it....
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Be a More Responsible Traveler with Travel Better Club

When I tell people that I’m a sustainable travel blogger, the first question I get most of the time is, “what is sustainable travel?” Good question....
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Community-Based Tourism in Manquemapu

For thousands of years, nestled between cliffs that Pacific Ocean swells have carved out of the Southern Chilean coast, the gentle Rio Lliuco has...
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Adventure Inspiration: Torres Del Paine

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the landscape of Torres Del Paine is worth a thousand pictures. Here's some inspiration for your next...
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Photo Friday: Sunset in Havana Vieja

Havana Vieja, or Old Havana, is indicative of many old European cities: Seemingly endless edifices of Neoclassical architecture line narrow,...
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BirdsChile: A Philosophy of Sustainable Tourism

Llanquihue is not a typical tourist destination. It’s a working-class town situated half-way between the more touristic destinations of Puerto Varas...
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Photo Friday: Camping in Tracy Arm Fjord

This week's Photo Friday brings you the "Glacier in Your Grill" campsite setup from my 2016 kayak trip into Tracy Arm Fjord, part of the Tracy...
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