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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”
– Helen Keller

Live a life of adventure, at home and especially on your travels. Stay active, stay healthy, get off the beaten tourist path, away from the crowds, and have heart-pounding experiences wherever you go!

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5 Months of Travel in 3 Minutes: One-Second Daily Videos

It's difficult to sum-up travel experiences when you return home. The best and occasionally the worst question: "How was your trip?" requires you to continually summarize experiences that shouldn't be summarized: to package them into little digestible bits that fit...
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Exploring Cochamo Valley, Chile

It has been called the Yosemite of Chile. Chileans call Yosemite the Cochamo of the United States. I think it should be called Narnia. In truth, Cochamo Valley is beyond comparison, and can only be truly appreciated firsthand. Unfortunately for all of us, you can’t...
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6 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Photo Hike (or Run)

If you want to get those eye-watering, amazing landscape photos - perspectives that you don’t see anywhere else - you usually have to work for it. That means hoofing it to far-reaching corners of the earth, away from the tour buses, away from the selfie sticks, away...
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How to Hike Torres Del Paine

When to Go | Camping & Booking | Buses & Ferries | Itinerary | Gear | Cost Torres Del Paine National Park, a jaw dropping cluster of craggy peaks, glaciated valleys, mountain streams, and wildlife. To spend even only one night in this park is a dream come...
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5 Reasons to Visit Torres Del Paine in the Fall

1: The Wind & Weather The Patagonia is notoriously windy during the summer time (January-March). Hellacious katabatic winds from the world's 3rd largest ice cap rage down from glaciers and through Torres Del Paine National Park (Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine),...
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Nordic Skiing Anchorage’s Trail System

Anchorage is a nordic (cross-country) skier's paradise. With more than 105 miles (175 km) of maintained ski trails, 120+ miles of mixed-use trails, and even 41 miles of ski-jouring trails (ski-jouring is when you have your dog pull you on skis, it's incredibly fun for...
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Kayaking in Tracy Arm Fjord

John Muir called his time in the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness “some of the best of all my Alaska Days.” I agree with him. Yosemite-like cliffs reaching thousands of feet above and plunging hundreds of feet into the water below. There is truly nothing like it on earth. Kayaking Tracy Arm provides an intimate and sustainable vehicle for experiencing this tract of raw wilderness beyond what is possible on a cruise ship or day tour boat.

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Systems Go 35L Backpack Review

A video review of Eagle Creek’s 35L Systems Go travel backpack

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Discovering Santa Clara, Cuba

Santa Clara could be in a way considered the Portland, OR of Cuba. It’s a young, up-and-coming, "hipster" community with vibrant arts, culture, and history. Well, all of Cuba is rich in history, so you could eliminate that one as a least common denominator and focus...
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Commercial Fishing Like a Real Alaskan

Commercial fishing like a real Alaskan aboard a commercial troller in the Gulf of Alaska. Connecting in an authentic and sustainable way with the people, place, way of life, and food source that powers the Alaskan economy.

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