Photos for Food Banks – Support During COVID-19

Donate $25+ for Food Banks and I’ll send you a print-ready photo

The COVID-19 outbreak has put unprecedented strain on food banks across the United States. Millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck have lost their jobs and are not able to put food on their families’ tables. Kids who receive meal vouchers for school lunches are no longer getting those meals, which their parents rely on to make ends meet and keep their children fed. Food banks need support now more than ever to keep food in stock, keep their employees safe, and mobilize to deliver to those most at risk of infection.

For those who are able to give during this time, I’d like to offer an additional incentive: Donate $25 or more to your local food bank or a national organization like Feeding America, and I’ll give you a high-quality print for you to use wherever – your phone background, monitor, get printed and hung on your wall, put on a mug, etc. I would love to ship you physical prints, but in an effort to reduce production and shipment of non-essential goods, I’m only providing digital for now.

How it Works

  1. Find your local food bank and donate directly, or donate to Feeding America’s Covid-19 response fund, who works with food banks around the country to help them get the resources they need
  2. DONATE $25 or more (donate $100+ and I’ll give you up to 10 photos of your choice!)
  3. Check out the photos below and copy a link of the photo(s) you’d like
  4. Email me with proof of completed donation, amount, links to photos, and the subject line “Photos for Food.”
  5. I’ll produce the high-quality, watermark-free files and send them your way!

There are so many ways to contribute and so many who have been giving of their time, energy and skills to make a difference in whatever way they can. I hope you’ll join me in helping our nation’s food banks, and I’m glad to share some beautiful landscapes with you as a token of my appreciation.

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South America

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