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5 Months of Travel in 3 Minutes: One-Second Daily Videos

It’s difficult to sum-up travel experiences when you return home. The best and occasionally the worst question: “How was your trip?” requires you to continually summarize experiences that shouldn’t be summarized: to package them into little digestible bits that fit well into small talk, to homogenize descriptions to fit with the culture of the people with whom you’re talking. To me, it can be a slow death for travel memories. But perhaps that’s the nature of memories in general. The more we remember those moments, the more our perception of them changes. We preserve some of these raw memories through photo...

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Gear Review: Mindshift Gear Ultralight Camera Cover 10

Mindshift Gear’s Ultralight Camera Cover 10 is a lightweight, water-resistant camera cover for mirrorless to full-framed DSLR cameras. Mindshift Gear specializes in packs and cases for taking cameras on the go hiking and camping. I always used a neoprene camera cover for my DSLR when camping, hiking, trail running, or going anywhere for that matter. When I got too ambitious out in the rain and ruined my first DLSR with it, I decided it was time for a change. When I got my next DSLR, I went looking for a case that I could use while hiking, camping, trail...

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