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My Story

My passion lies at the intersection of business and sustainability. I strive to seek how we as a society can develop effective business models that deliver a net positive impact on the world around us – environmentally, socially, and economically.

I spent two years working in destination marketing in Juneau, Alaska as the Industry Relations Manager, working with local member businesses, coordinating benefits my organization provided to them, and working with the rest of our team to effectively market Juneau as a year-round destination.

In 2016, I was recognized as a “30 Under 30” by the Destinations International (formerly DMAI).

In addition, Landscapes on the Run is motivated by ADVENTURE: “To suck all the marrow out of life.” I’m a passionate runner, hiker, kayaker, snowboarding, nordic skier, and just about anything else outdoor oriented. It is the way that I connect with the environment which I care so much about, and a great pairing for travelers looking to find the same connection.

That’s why I started Landscapes on the Run. I desired to combine two of my passions into a lifestyle of travel, seeking out and shedding light on people and places that are creating the sustainable world of tomorrow.

Why work with me?

Having worked in destination marketing, I’ve seen the travel industry from multiple sides. Landscapes on the Run is still relatively new and building an audience, but working together we can achieve our mutual goals.


A purchase is an emotional process for a consumer, and imagery evokes emotion unlike any copy can. Selected photography has appeared with the Alaskan Brewing Company, Travel Juneau, Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Adventure Outdoors Magazine.

Check out my Portfolio and Instagram account for more examples!

Content Creation & Influencer Marketing

Let me produce content for you. Whether it’s a blog post, page content, or other marketing content, I’ll help give your marketing the voice you’re looking for.

Instagram takeovers are another great way to mix it up and reinvigorate your social feeds. We’ll work together to produce a series that inspires your tribe to action.

Product Reviews

Have a product that you want me to test out and give feedback on? I’ll give my honest feedback, complete with high-quality photo & video, and promote across social channels and as featured content on LOTR.

Let's Get Results

I thrive on building relationships, not just doing work. Let’s build something quality together that we’ll both be proud of. I look forward to hearing from you.

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